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At Black & Lizars, your hearing assessment is free. The test takes around 80 minutes and will provide an in depth analysis of your hearing health. Our audiologists can also provide helpful advice on getting the most from your hearing - whatever condition it is in.

The Ear

A quick tour of the bits that make up the human ear and how they work together to produce the miracle that is hearing

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Benefits of a hearing test

Getting a hearing test can provide similar benefits as an eye test. Like our eyesight, our hearing can decline with age and ignoring the symptoms can have an impact on our quality of life.

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"The Audiologist performed a rigorous hearing test in a most courteous manner and recommended highly advanced hearing aids. These were offered on a 30 day trial basis and at a cost well below similar aids offered by my previous supplier." Forbes Gamley, Edinburgh

Hearing aids

Technological advancements and design innovations have allowed us to offer a range of hearing solutions which will be music to your ears. 

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A quick and gentle treatment to remove excess earwax and improve hearing.

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Facts about hearing loss

Uncover some of the staggering facts surrounding hearing loss

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Concerned about a loved one?

For many people, admitting to suffering from hearing loss can be difficult. Advice and support from family members can be an important factor in getting them the help they need. 

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