Home visits

Let our experienced optometrists come to you

If you are housebound, due to mobility or health problems, and unable to come in to one of our practices, why not have your eyes examined by one of our experienced optometrists in the comfort of your own home?

Our full and comprehensive service includes the home visit eye examination; a wide range of frames from complete price package to stylish designer frames; advice with selection as well as delivery and fitting of glasses. You will also benefit from our popular aftercare service.


What does a home visit include?

Your home visit starts with a thorough eye examination using all the necessary equipment to conduct a full sight test.

First we'll assess how well you see and if we need to prescribe glasses. Then we'll look at how your eyes work together (we call this binocular vision and motility). Next we'll check the health of your eyes and look for any other health problems that may be evident. For example, conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other eye diseases may be detected through an eye exam.

Every eye examination includes:

  • A health history 
  • Distance and near vision assessment
  • Refractive analysis
  • Eye coordination and muscle balance tests
  • Focusing ability and reflex tests 
  • Cornea and anterior eye examination
  • Retina, optic nerve and blood vessel examination 
  • Visual field check and eye pressure check if required.

The home visit service is available anywhere in Scotland including hospitals and nursing homes. All eye tests are free and funded by the NHS but visit fees may apply – please check when making your appointment.

How often should I have an eye test?

We recommend regular eye examinations for everyone at 1 to 2 year intervals by your optometrist. In particular, you should ensure that you have your eyes examined regularly if:

  • You are over 40
  • You have a history of glaucoma in your family
  • You have diabetes    

A regular eye test is a vital health check for your eyes. Conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes and macular degeneration can seriously affect your vision. However, in many cases early detection is best with many treatments and management plans being most effective if the condition is caught early. 

Arrange a visit

If you are housebound and unable to visit one of our practices, we can provide a home visit service. This allows you to have your eyes examined by one of our experienced optometrists in the comfort of your own home.

To make an appointment:

Glasgow area: 0141 445 8396
Edinburgh area: 0141 445 8396

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