B&L WELLness

A positive step towards enjoying a healthier life

We are delighted to announce that the B&L WELLness check is now available to our patients across our practices in Scotland. We know your health matters to you and your family. A B&L WELLness check will help you to take action now, to get healthy and stay healthy! We have been taking care of patients in Scotland now for over 185 years. Taking measurements is our area of expertise. We have now combined that expertise with the latest healthcare software to create the B&L WELLness check.

Under the B&L WELLness check, we will be collecting key measurements to understand how well your body is performing.
In taking the WELLness check, you will identify the areas which need attention, areas which can be improved and a tailored personal guide on how to implement the changes. A B&L WELLness check is a positive step to help you gain control of your health. Better to be proactive than having to react after a problem arises. Better to be fully informed than having to guess. Peace of mind is priceless.

Why have a B&L WELLness check?

The first sign of a health issue is sometimes too late. That’s why a B&L WELLness check focuses on preventative healthcare. The more active you are, the greater the logic to having a B&L WELLness check. Enjoy the reassurance and at the same time identify how you can get even healthier and boost your performance.

According to experts, many cases of premature death are completely preventable if people adhere to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Cancer Research UK says that an unhealthy lifestyle is the root cause of a third of all cancers. The B&L WELLness check will tell you how healthy you really are.

You will receive:

  • A cost effective and confidential consultation and screening at a location of your choice
  • An instant, comprehensive, personalised, 30-page health and wellbeing report
  • Report available to view online
  • 15 minutes with our clinician explaining and reviewing your report with you
  • All of this in just one hour!

The B&L WELLness check identifies potential areas of concern, and provides you with an instant plan to adapt your diet and lifestyle, helping you reduce your risk of ill health in the future.

What does it involve?

The B&L WELLness check takes around 45 minutes and involves you having 9 short, non-invasive tests. The tests, which look at your heart, lungs, blood, kidney, bladder and other body systems give us valuable data about the state of your health. Secure, confidential and advanced technology analyses the data and produces a detailed and personalised health report. The report, which only takes 2 minutes to generate, is designed to be both informative and educational. It identifies the potential for disease, based on the root causes of illness rather than on its symptoms.

The analysis involves assessing the health risk of 9 body systems. The report displays a percentage risk score for each one of these systems. Each risk score is then broken down into 3 or 4 sub categories, allowing you to identify where to focus your attention. Our clinician will review your personalised report with you and help plan your diet and lifestyle choices. Regular WELLness checks, every 6 to 9 months, are recommended to track your improvement.

Where can I get it?

Selected Black & Lizars practices throughout Scotland including:
Frederick Street, Edinburgh
Main Street, Milngavie

Next steps:

Please telephone B&L on 0141 370 6524 to make an appointment.

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