School visits

The importance of children's eye health

As one of the country’s most technologically advanced eye care specialists, we know the importance of your children’s eye health.

An Eyecare Trust study recently found that up to a million young people in the UK have undetected vision problems which could cause difficulty in learning. And, although more than 90% of children visit a dentist regularly, only 53% have ever had an eye examination, according to the Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Survey 2013.

Our school visits are designed to be super fun and informative and our knowledgeable eye care specialists will be on hand to help every child learn about keeping their eyes healthy.

A visit to your school will be tailored to class schedules and we can also cater for different age groups. You’ll also get to meet our friendly company mascot, Seemore the purple dragon! Subjects we like to cover include:

  • Anatomy of the eye with props and demonstrations
  • What happens when you visit an optician
  • Simple eyesight and health
  • Braille and guide dogs

Looking for more information?

Teachers and education professionals who would like further information should contact Gemma MacMillan.

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