Kids eye care

It's a good idea to start early

Just as children’s mobility and brains develop quickly, so too do their eyes. Your children’s eyesight is their most precious sense and is essential for a happy healthy childhood.

Did you know up to 80% of learning in primary school is visually based and unknowingly many children struggle because of undetected eye problems. Strong vision will help your child flourish at school and make hobbies and sports more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Our eyes develop in the first decade of our lives and most problems are reversible if treated early. Children’s eye tests are free on the NHS and at Black & Lizars we recommend children undergo an eye test at least every year from the age of two. And don’t worry, your child doesn’t have to be able to read for the test to be accurate, we have many different ways of testing their eyes.

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It is especially important to take your child for an eye test if there is a family history of glasses, squints or lazy eyes. If your child sits too close to the TV or other screen, squints, regularly rubs their eyes or complains of headaches, blurred vision or words jumping off the page, there may be a problem that an eye exam could detect. Our optometrists are trained to make the process fun and stress-free.


Our free welcome pack for younger patients is full of eye care tips, freebies and an introduction to our mascot, Seemore the purple dragon.

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