What is Microsuction?

Microsuction is quick and gentle process of removing excess earwax from inside the ear canal. The procedure involves a small suction tube gently removing wax build up from the ear canal. Because wax can build up gradually over many years, hearing loss can often go undetected. It’s only after the procedure that a patient can fully appreciate the benefit.


Why we offer Microsuction:

Earwax is naturally occurring and serves an important purpose. On occasion earwax can build in the ear canal and can cause hearing loss or discomfort. For many people, Microsuction offers a quick and long-lasting solution to hearing loss. Years of excess wax build up can be gently removed - providing an immediate improvement to their quality of life.  It helps to protect and clean the inside of the ear by creating a natural protective layer. Other wax removal treatments such as syringing often completely clear the canal of all wax, leaving no protective layer inside the ear. Microsuction is a much more controlled treatment which allows your audiologist to carefully remove excess wax whilst preserving a necessary level of protection.

If left untreated, excess earwax may result in some of the following symptoms:

• Loss of hearing
• Earache
• Tinnitus (noises in the ear)
• Hearing aids become less efficient
• Your own voice may sound different
• Irritation around the ear

Black & Lizars Experience:

Many local GP’s no longer offer to remove ear wax. Black & Lizars offer this service in the convenience of one of our advanced hearing care practices without the need for a GP referral. You’ll receive a genuine, patient focused experience. Our highly trained audiologist will take the time to understand your individual requirements and fully explain your treatment. A microsuction appointment typically lasts around 30 minutes, although we may require additional time to ensure the best possible treatment. A Microsuction appointment with one of our highly experienced Audiologists is available for just £50 per procedure.

Next step:

At Black & Lizars, our audiologist will take the time to fully understand your individual condition before proceeding with treatment. This diagnosis can be carried out during a free hearing assessment. To book an assessment contact one of our hearing care practices: