The facts about hearing loss

What you need to know

The facts about hearing loss are quite staggering. And so is the fact that many people who suffer from hearing problems do absolutely nothing about it.

We’ve put together some key facts about the issue, to help you understand the problem and to encourage you to look after your own hearing.

  • 11 million people in the UK suffer from hearing loss, including 45,000 deaf children
  • Globally, around 6.7 million people could benefit from a hearing aid
  • Only 1/3 of people with hearing loss are retirement age – the majority are of school and working age 
  • Only 1/5 people who need a hearing aid actually wear it
  • Most people experience hearing problems for 10 years before they do anything about it
  • Hearing loss can be caused by excessive noise e.g. listening to earphones too loudly

Customer satisfaction at Black & Lizars

Recently we commissioned Ideas for Ears to conduct a survey into customer satisfaction at Black & Lizars. Their findings suggested that levels of satisfaction were extremely high amongst patients, particularly amongst our hearing care patients.

  • 100% were positive about the help they received when trying a hearing aid 
  • 94% said they felt at ease with the clinician
  • 92% said the support and understanding they received was good or very good

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