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Benefits of a hearing test

A hearing test can be the first step to an improved quality of life.

Like our eyesight, our hearing can decline with age. Because your hearing gradually changes over time, we recommend a hearing test every two years.

At Black & Lizars, your hearing assessment is free and will provide an in depth analysis of your hearing health. Expert audiologists will provide helpful advice on getting the most from your hearing, no matter what condition it is in – you’ll also be happy to hear that our audiologists gained a 92% rating for customer satisfaction in an independent survey conducted by Ideas for Ears in 2016.

What does a hearing test involve?

Combining the most advanced techniques with our expertise, your test will entail:

  • An hour’s access to our skilled audiologists, with a full consultation to determine the source of any hearing problems or difficulties you may have encountered.
  • An otoscopic examination, which is a visual examination of your inner ear to check for excess wax and ear infections.
  • An audiogram, which informs us on your ability to hear different frequencies of sound.

Once your audiologist has conducted the hearing tests they will explain the results of your assessment and recommend the next steps.

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Free hearing aid trial

Once you have selected a hearing aid, you can take a 30-day free trail with no obligation to buy. This trial period will give you the opportunity to get used to your device and ensure you are happy with the solution provided. Modern hearing aids are highly customisable, so you may wish to discuss adjusting your devices after your trial. This can be done during a free aftercare appointment.

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