A range of lenses to suit your frames


Whatever your lifestyle and whatever you need them for, we offer a selection of lenses to suit your selected frames with a range of options and lens coatings that optimise your vision.

We recommend lenses, from one of our single vision or progressive lens ranges, offered by our preferred supplier Nikon; but for those who wish something more affordable we also offer our Black and Lizars performance range of single vision and varifocal lenses.

Our expert staff will use the latest technology to illustrate the many different lens and coating options available, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Lens options

  • Single vision lenses

    Single vision lenses have the same prescription across the whole surface of the lens and are suitable for driving, reading or other visual needs. They can be upgraded to thin and light lenses, can have an anti-reflective coating to reduce reflections especially night time driving and transitions® that adapt to changes in light.

  • Bifocal lenses

    Bifocal lenses have two distinct powers separated by a visible segment at the bottom of the lens. The top part of the lens is for correcting your distant prescription and the segment at the bottom is for correcting your near vision prescription.
  • Varifocal lenses

    Varifocal (also known as multifocals or progressives) have been developed for presbyopes. Varifocals provide you with clear vision at all distances without having to remove your spectacles. By using sophisticated freeform technology the lenses can be tailored to your individual needs.

  • Lens coatings

    When choosing lenses, you will be offered an MAR coating (multi anti-reflection) coating. These coatings offer anti-scratch, water repellent, dust repellent and anti-reflection properties, as well as making the lenses easier to clean. They also improve the cosmetic appearance of your lenses. All of our lenses are hard coated as a minimum standard to keep your lenses in the best possible condition, but we recommend you to have an MAR for a clearer vision.

  • Transitions® lenses

    The health of your eyes needs to be maintained throughout your life. UV light from the sun is particularly damaging but can be prevented by using the right lenses for your lifestyle. Transitions® lenses are fast acting photochromic lenses which give you automatic protection from glare by adjusting to different light conditions and block UV. They continuously adapt to changing light - indoors they are perfectly clear, but outside they rapidly darken and can become as dark as sunglasses in just 30 seconds.