Enhanced eye exam

What is an enhanced eye exam?

The Enhanced Eye Examination is the gold standard of eye care and the most advanced and detailed eye examination available in the UK. It Includes the ‘Standard NHS eye examination’ and additionally all the other advanced tests that are available in practice such as Optomap and 3D OCT.

The Enhanced Eye Examination includes a longer appointment time, for the optometrist to fully explain any findings from the scans and images.

What's included?

During your test you will get extended access to our experienced optometrists, who will take you through a comprehensive and accurate assessment of your eye health using two specialist eye-testing technologies.

  • Optomap technology captures an ultra wide digital picture of your retina, which gives us a detailed image that covers five times more than other standard eye tests 
  • 3D OCT gives us the ability to look beyond the retinal surface and presents us with a detailed three-dimensional image of your eye

Patients will also get access to:

  • An external eye exam 
  • Digital fundus photograph (3D imagery of the back of the eye)
  • Suprathreshold field checks (a peripheral vision check)
  • Full threshold visual eye test (covering all vision)
  • Intra-ocular pressure check (glaucoma check)

The Black & Lizars enhanced eye exam will not only ensure that you get an accurate prescription (if required), but will also reveal any existing or potential conditions, enabling us to offer swift and effective treatment or advice. This includes referring you to your GP or organising a private consultation (if necessary). 

Our 45 minute appointments also give you the time needed to discuss each scan with your optometrist and ask any questions you might have.

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Where is this service available?

You can book the Enhanced Eye Exam at the following practices:

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