Optomap® retinal imaging

Our enhanced eye imaging covers five times more of your retina than ordinary tests.

What is the retina?

The retina is the delicate tissue at the back of the eye which sends a picture to your brain enabling you to see.

Why check your retina?

The retina is the only place in the body where blood vessels can be seen directly.  This means that in addition to eye conditions (e.g. AMD, glaucoma, retinal tears/detachments) other diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and stroke can also be seen in the retina. Early detection means successful treatments can be given and reduces the risk to your sight and health.

It's important for your optometrist to check your retina to make sure it is healthy. Any problems can be detected early and successful treatments given to protect your sight. Even if you are experiencing no symptoms, it is still vital to get your retina checked.

Why have an Optomap® eye test?

Optomap® is an advanced retinal imaging device that creates an ultra-wide digital picture of this area. This high-resolution image allows us to examine more than 80% of your retina, which is five times more than standard digital retinal photography.

By using this comprehensive imaging, we can obtain a clear and detailed view of your retina that allows us to detect any potential signs of disease at the periphery, which may go undetected with traditional methods.

The benefits of testing

  • An Optomap® takes only seconds to perform and the eye is not touched, meaning you get a fast and fuss-free exam 
  • Unlike traditional tests, a digital record of your retina is kept for comparison at your next exam
  • In addition to eye conditions, Optomap® can detect other health related issues including, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and stroke
  • The Optomap® is suitable for all ages, including children

The procedure

The Optomap® will capture an ultra-wide image of your retina, which will be displayed instantly on-screen. Our high-skilled optometrists will then take you through the image, giving you an informed and thorough eye exam after just the touch of a button.

Where is this service available?

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Book an appointment

Book an appointment at your local practice for just £30. We recommend Optomap® retinal imaging as part of your comprehensive eye exam. This comes as standard as part of our Enhanced Eye Examination. 

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