What is dry eye?

There is a natural film of tears which covers the surface of our eyes and keeps them comfortable and our vision sharp. Our tears protect our eyes by washing dust and other irritants away. Every time we blink this 'tear film' is refreshed. If your eyes are dry this means that your tears do not protect your eyes properly leading to discomfort. In severe cases dry eyes can be painful and cause damage to the eyes surface (cornea).

Treatment and management for dry eyes

There are many products to help keep our eyes moist and pain free. These vary from liquid drops to gels and ointments. Unfortunately dry eye is often a condition without a cure, however this does not mean that we cannot manage the condition to improve your levels of comfort.

Your optometrist will advise you which products to use and how often you should use them. If you continue to need drops long term you may be able to get them on prescription from your doctor.

Why are we holding a dry eye clinic?

Many people suffer with Dry Eye symptoms which can vary from mild irritation to constant discomfort. Dry Eye symptoms can also show as overly watery eyes!

These symptoms can affect your life, including work and social interactions and at its most extreme Dry Eye can cause lasting damage to the eye's surface. Our Dry Eye clinic aims to find you the right individual treatment to improve uncomfortable symptoms. 

During an NHS Eye Examination we often discuss dry eye symptoms. We also assess the eyes surface for signs and give advice on how to deal with these symptoms. Assessing the tear quality and quantity in detail is beyond the scope of a standard NHS Eye Test. We use special diagnostic techniques to measure the tear layer in detail. We also photograph different aspects of the surface of your eyes. The Dry Eye Clinic will provide a much more detailed assessment than is possible in a NHS Eye Test.

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What's involved in the dry eye clinic?

The Clinic will consist of 2 separate appointment types:

Initial appointment

This initial appointment is to listen to your symptoms and assess the eye in detail. During this appointment you will see both a Dry Eye Assistant and an Optometrist.

  • The assistant will detail your symptoms prior to the examination and will be available to show you how to use dry eye products following the appointment.
  • The optometrist will measure your tear quality and quantity, and photograph any changes to be monitored.
  • You should allow an hour for this appointment.
  • Initial appointment - £40

Review appointment

A shorter review appointment may be suggested in the weeks following your first assessment. This is to check that any suggested treatment is working, and that symptoms are improving.

Review appointment - £20

E-Eye treatment

E-Eye is a revolutionary, painless and safe solution to longer term dry eye symptoms that uses IRPL® technology to safely stimulate the Meibomian gland and return them to their normal function.

How it Works:

  1. An eye mask is applied over your eyes.
  2. A special gel is then applied to the skin underneath your eye (on the cheek bone & temporal area).
  3. One of our eye care professionals starts to administer a series of flashes to the area with the E-Eye device.
  4. The process is repeated for your other eye before the gel is washed off.
E-Eye allows Black & Lizars to offer something completely new to treat dry eye symptoms outside the realms of eye drops and supplements. Over the course of 3 to 4 treatments to the meibomian glands, eye comfort, tear and eyelid health are found to improve. Optometrist

Some fast facts about E-Eye

  • E-Eye is both non-invasive and affordable
  • Each treatment session takes just a few minutes
  • Treatment can be completed in 3 sessions over 45 days
  • Results can last up to 3 years
  • You will be assessed for suitability before you’re given any treatment
  • Clinical studies show over 86% satisfaction rate on the first two treatments
  • In 2015, over 35,000 patients have been treated with the E-Eye worldwide

For more information on E-Eye treatment, read our patient information leaflet.

The E-Eye is a painless device that uses pulsed light to stimulate the glands in your eyelids, reducing and sometimes completely removing symptoms of dryness and discomfort. A few short sessions over 2 months have been shown to significantly reduce the need for drops and allow patients to forget that they have dry, uncomfortable eyes. Optometrist

Where is this service available?

The dry eye clinic will be held in Glasgow at the following practices:

Please speak to your optometrist if you are experiencing issues with dry eyes.

Suffering from dry eye?

For a Dry Eye appointment, you can contact your local practice today.

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