Discover how coloured lenses and colour overlays can help decrease visual stress.

What is visual stress?

This occurs when a person experiences visual discomfort when reading. Symptoms can vary, but common problems include:

  • Movement of printed text
  • Blurring of print
  • Letters changing size
  • Headaches
  • Red or sore eyes when reading
  • Patterns appearing in print

Approximately 25% of the population are affected by visual stress in some form. It can affect anyone at any age and can occur in individuals who do not have other visual problems.

How can we help?

We are one of only a few optometrists in the UK that treat visual stress. After completing a short series of assessments, we can use colour overlay or tailored tinted lenses to change the appearance of print to improve reading comfort.


What's involved?

This service involves three assessments:

Eye examination

Anyone who displays problems with reading will initially be given a full eye examination. If glasses are required these can eventually incorporate coloured lenses for visual stress if necessary.

Overlay assessment

Following the eye examination, your optometrist may recommend an assessment with coloured overlays. These sheets of thin, transparent plastic are placed over written text to change the colour of the background to see if there are any benefits.

Colorimetry assessment

If overlays are beneficial, the optometrist may suggest Colorimetry as the next stage. This may result in the prescribing of glasses with coloured lenses.

Where is this service available?

Overlay assessments are available in all our practices. We have four practices across Scotland with specialist colorimeters, you can book a colorimetry assessment in the following practices:

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