Discover contact lenses

An alternative solution to glasses

Advances in contact lens technology mean we can now offer more and more people an alternative to glasses, regardless of prescription. Whether for all day use or just for the gym, we stock a choice of monthly, two-weekly or daily lenses to suit any lifestyle.

Our range includes Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses which allow oxygen to pass through them, providing improved vision and durability. We also fit lenses you can sleep in as well as more specialised lenses to treat a variety of common eye conditions.

We supply lenses from all the leading manufacturers including Johnson and Johnson, Alcon and Ciba Vision.


The benefits of choosing contacts

  • Wearing contacts is considered a highly successful form of vision correction
  • Lenses improve your field of view, giving natural all round vision
  • They are comfortable, simple to use and convenient
  • You can wear them all day, part-time or just for special occasions
  • People who like active pursuits find them particularly useful for sports and outdoor activities
  • Our range of contacts are suitable for people of all ages, including children
  • Modern lenses are healthier than ever for your eyes
  • Advances in technology mean lenses can protect your eyes from harmful UV light
  • We offer delivery direct to your home

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