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PRESBYOPIA made clear.

Struggling to read the small print?

If you’ve found yourself holding your phone further away to try and read it, or you’re finding it increasingly difficult to read the paper, you could be experiencing signs of presbyopia. This is a perfectly natural change in your vision, where your eyes start struggling to focus on objects up close. But don’t worry; it happens to everyone. Typically sometime after age 40, but some people reach their 50s before experiencing any difficulties.

How do I know if I have presbyopia?

Slowly but surely, your eyes age. And over time they start to lose their flexibility, making it harder to focus light passing through them. The most common sign of this is having to hold things further away, such as a phone or menu, to make it appear less blurry. Other early signs of presbyopia can be:

  • Finding it hard to read in low light or late at night
  • Getting heavy eyes or headaches after reading for a long time
  • Straining your eyes to read small print or a text message

It’s important to remember that presbyopia is completely normal and your optician can guide you through the best options.

Finding a solution you're comfortable with:

The options include glasses and find the right combination that contact lenses. You just have to best fits your lifestyle.


Owning both glasses and multifocal contact lenses means you have a look for every occasion.

A closer look at multifocal contact lenses:

Whether you’re new to contact lenses or know your way around a lens or two, Alcon offers a range of multifocal contact lenses that have been designed to correct presbyopia.

DAILIES TOTAL1® Multifocal contact lenses are:

  • Ideal for those showing the first signs of presbyopia
  • Perfect for busy lifestyles, offering 16 hours of exceptional comfort

Discover more:

If you have questions or you think you have presbyopia, it’s important to check with your optician first before trying any of the solutions.

Visit your local practice to find out more about Alcon Dailies Total1 contact lenses and take advantage of £20 cashback on Dailies Total1 and Dailies Total1 Multifocal contact lenses.

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