Glasgow Warriors players kick poor vision into touch

  • Ortho-K lenses from Black & Lizars help Warriors players correct vision as they sleep
  • Stuart Hogg, Rob Harley and Chris Fusaro met fans at the launch of the lenses in Black & Lizars’ Milngavie practice


Glasgow Warriors players have told fans how they tackled poor vision using revolutionary corrective overnight lenses at the launch of the product at Black & Lizars’ Milngavie practice.

As sponsors of Glasgow Warriors, Black & Lizars have been working with the players testing their eyesight. They have also provided several players with Ortho-K lenses which correct your vision as you sleep, by painlessly re-shaping the surface of the eye to correct your prescription, freeing you from having to wear lenses or glasses.

Second rower Rob Harley spoke about his experience with the Ortho-K lenses alongside fellow players Stuart Hogg and Chris Fusaro to a group of rugby fans at Black & Lizars’ Milngavie practice. Rugby fans and patients were invited to the practice to meet their heroes, have pictures taken and ask them about Glasgow Warriors’ impressive season so far.

He said: “The difference for me, in training and games, has been huge. I was wearing daily lenses and in impacts from scrums and tackles, they were getting knocked out of my eye. I would have to bring spares and sometimes, on the pitch during games I would have to change my lenses, but now all that hassle has been removed.

“Using Ortho-K lenses from Black & Lizars has made a real difference to my game.”

Fellow forward Chris Fusaro, added: “It’s one less thing to worry about and one less thing to remember going in to a game. They were always getting knocked out, and not having to think about that lets you focus on the game a lot more.

“I’ll definitely use them for the rest of my rugby career and would recommend them to any sports person because it does help make a massive difference to your sight.”

Ortho-K lenses are already available at selected Black & Lizars practices in Edinburgh and Glasgow city centre and have now launched at the Milngavie and Aberdeen branches too.

Black & Lizars Clinical Services Manager, Morven Campbell, said: “It’s fantastic to be able to increase the reach of our Ortho-K service. Having the Glasgow Warriors players along to help us launch it and meet patients was excellent.

“It has made such a difference to the players that have used the lenses, and it’s not just something for elite athletes.

They are also suitable for children as their parents have control over the lens care at night and in the morning allowing kids to head off for school and sports seeing well with no possibility of losing a lens. 

“There is extensive research now that shows wearing Ortho-K as a short-sighted child actually helps reduce the amount of short-sight you take into adulthood. This is excellent news as the lower your prescription, the lower your risk of other eye conditions as you age.

“From the initial suitability assessment to having your bespoke lenses created and fitted only takes around two weeks.”

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