Black & Lizars offers revolutionary overnight contact lenses


Throughout its 180-years’ experience, Black & Lizars has always been at the cutting edge of eye-care and technology.

Continuing the trend, as one of Scotland’s leading optician chains, we now offer corrective overnight contact lenses, known as Ortho-K.

Unlike normal day-time lenses which only correct your vision when worn, Ortho-K actively fixes your prescription as you sleep, by painlessly re-shaping the surface of the eye, freeing you from having to wear lenses or glasses during the day.

The lenses are ideal for children as they allow parents to have control over lens care, and there is extensive research showing that, for short-sighted children, wearing Ortho-K actually helps reduce the amount of short-sight they take into adulthood.

One patient who has seen the benefit of the lenses is 41 year-old Linda McGowan from Coylton, Ayrshire. She said: “When I found out I wasn’t a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery, my optician suggested trying Ortho-K lenses.


 “On the night I put them in for the first time, there was no discomfort, despite them being hard lenses. I was so eager to wake in the morning that I was up about 6.30am and my poor partner was then awoken with me screaming, ‘I can see, I can see. It's a miracle’.

 “I went to Black & Lizars for a check-up the following week and I had 20/20 vision in both eyes without wearing day-time lenses or glasses.

 “Should I wish to revert back to wearing glasses or daily contact lenses I can, but why would I when the magic of being able to see and do all the sporty things I love to do without the fear of my contacts falling out or becoming distorted?”

Ortho-K lenses are available at Black & Lizars practices at; Gordon Street (Glasgow), Belmont Street (Aberdeen), Frederick Street (Edinburgh), Milngavie, Ayr, and are coming soon to  Fenwick Road (Giffnock) and Lothian Road (Edinburgh).


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