Black & Lizars helps fund life-saving technology for Glasgow Children’s Hospital

Leading eye care provider Black & Lizars has donated £500 to Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity to help fund a state-of-the-art neurosurgical endoscope.

The endoscope will be used in surgery on children with life-threatening conditions such as brain tumours, cysts, and hydrocephalus.

Serious neurosurgery often carries high risks, especially for children, which the endoscope will help minimise. It provides a minimally invasive way to operate on the brain, creating more effective and safer surgery for children.


The first of its kind in a Scottish children’s hospital, the endoscope will also be one of only a handful in Europe.

Michelle Le Prevost, managing director at Black & Lizars, said: “Our staff and patients are very proud to support Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity to secure the very best technology to deliver care to children who most need it.

“The hospital already does fantastic work and this new equipment will help the improve the lives of children all over Scotland who suffer from complex conditions.”

Kirsten Sinclair, Director of Fundraising at Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “On behalf of staff, volunteers and patients, I want to offer my deepest thanks to Black & Lizars and everyone else who helped us acquire our neurological endoscope. We can now offer less invasive and even safer complex neurological surgery for children that will save lives, and ease suffering for children and families across the country.”

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