Work in Practice during Covid-19 - last in series from our Glasgow team

Last in our series of work in practice during Covid-19 but certainly not least we are able to continue to offer Emergency and Essential services for glasses repairs and replacements. We hope you've found it interesting to see what happens in practice during the pandemic.

One of the repairs Yvonne, our Practice Manager and Dispenser, Glasgow hub was doing was a child's pair of glasses. This child had a high prescription and could not see without their only pair of glasses. The glasses also help control the patient's strabismus (squint). Yvonne has been able to repair and replace many pairs of glasses including for NHS and other key workers.

We are operating under a locked door policy so make sure that you phone our practices in advance to arrange a time slot to ensure we are not seeing more than one person at any given time. The door can be unlocked with glasses being left on a table whilst the patient waits outside (parking restrictions have been lifted in Glasgow City Centre for the time being). Please feel free to use the sanitiser provided. Glasses are disinfected using our UV disinfectant cleaning machine.

PPE is used when coming in to contact with any patient frames. All 3 staff members have designated work areas and so are effectively socially distancing from each other at all times.

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