Work in Practice during Covid-19 - Edinburgh hub

Our Edinburgh team have been running their side of the operation from our Lothian Road practice, they have been advising and treating patients and dealing with queries and have been very busy indeed!
Today we are seeing what Maja our Clinical Assistant is up to!

Maja is the first point of contact in our Edinburgh hub. She has been busy packaging up contact lenses and solutions to send to patients. Maja is also Edinburgh's contact lens queen, moving hundreds of patients onto our automated system, Black and Lizars Direct, to ensure they continue to receive their supplies during lockdown. Maja is at the other end of the phone to deal with all your emergency and essential enquiries during these unprecedented times, directing them to the appropriate channels when required.

Tomorrow we'll see what Eilidh, our Independent Prescribing Optometrist in Edinburgh, has been doing over the last few weeks.

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