The Biggarts tell us about the benefits of advanced contact lenses

After being fitted with myopia management contact lenses, Rosie and Eva tell us about the benefits of their new lenses:


When Mum mentioned to me that we were going to the optician to be measured up for new contact lenses I cannot say that I was too excited.  I am a 15 year old sporty, short-sighted girl and have been wearing soft contact lenses for a few years now so other than my regular check-ups at the optician why did we need to go for new ones?


All was revealed when we met Rishpal at Black & Lizars in Milngavie.  Here I learnt that I could try out new hard contact lenses called Ortho-K which I would wear overnight and which, when removed, would give me great vision throughout the day.  The lenses work by reshaping my cornea overnight.   I would have to keep wearing them routinely for them to work but if I stopped my eyesight would just revert to how it was - really there was nothing to lose.  I found this hard to believe but also absolutely fascinating and was therefore very keen to give them a try.  Not only would these lenses give me near twenty-twenty vision during the day (when I was not wearing them) but they would also help slow down the depreciation in my short-sightedness.  My vision had been getting progressively poorer since I started to wear glasses in my early primary school years.  Being able to slow this progress down and have contact lens-free days would be a bonus.  I was keen to give them a go.


The process involved a standard sight test followed by checks to make sure that my eyes were healthy and then finally a very clever piece of equipment took a photo of my eyes and produced an image of them detailing their shape like contour lines on a map.  This eye map would allow the lenses to be made exactly to fit my eyes.  I am now waiting for them to try out and will let you know how I get on.

Rosie Biggart (age 15)


My Trip To Better Vision…


I have been wearing glasses for about a year now and they have helped me see the board in the classroom.  Just before the February half term holiday I had an eye test at school and they noticed that even when I was wearing my glasses I could not read all the letters on the sight test.  I was told to see my optician to get them checked fully and this was when Mum contacted Morven at Black & Lizars.  Mum had already been speaking to her about these new contact lenses which she was told could be perfect for my short-sightedness which was getting worse, so she made an appointment.

Now seemed the right time!  We arrived at the opticians and were taken to get our eyes checked so they could get the exact prescription. They talked to me about the MiSight Lenses that I would be using and how they would slow down the increase in my prescription (which had doubled in strength in just over a year).  These lenses are soft contacts which I would wear during the daytime for at least 6 days a week.   I am excited to be able to test the contacts out because I can forget all the fuss of wearing glasses and be able to see perfectly when I do sport.

Eva Biggart (age 12)


Myopia management lenses are available at selected Black & Lizars practices throughout Scotland.

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