Taking a Fresh Look - Bethany Crawshaw (MCOptom) tells us about a day in the life of a newly qualified Optometrist!

Take a fresh look

Having recently completed my studies and becoming a qualified Optometrist, I am enjoying engaging in working life and contributing to the care of eye health within Black and Lizars. My journey up until now has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling as I have learnt skills and techniques that positively impact an individual’s life. Black and Lizars have supported me along this path and continue to do so as I strive to expand and refine my practice to enhance the lives of individuals by helping them to achieve the best vision possible.

From a young age I have always been interested in science, the dynamics of the human body and in helping people. On receiving my first pair of glasses when I was young and personally experiencing the dramatic improvement to my vision, opened a whole new world. Not only through vision but also towards a career.

Throughout completing my Optometry degree at Glasgow Caledonian University I worked as an Optical Assistant within Black and Lizars. This gave me an insight into the workings of community Optometry and how best to engage my learning in community practice. Four years of studying flew in and before I knew it I was graduating and excited to embark on my Pre-Registration year. Following University studying does not stop as you are required to complete a year of supervised practice and further exams before becoming fully qualified. I completed my Pre-Registration year with Black and Lizars which extremely helped my transition from a student to a professional. My Pre-Registration year was challenging but very rewarding as I further grew and developed skills from University and learnt how to implement them to best care for individuals sight in the real world.

Following celebrating becoming fully qualified, the real work began. Starting any new job can be daunting, however remaining with Black and Lizars made my transition easier through their continued support. I now work between Glasgow and Edinburgh as a mobile Optometrist. Although all of the practices are under the same name, they are each different which makes each day varied. This is providing enhanced experience which is helping me to continue my journey towards becoming the best eyecare professional I can. I am enjoying improving peoples lives by helping them to achieve good vision and greatly appreciate the feedback received when I make a difference. Black and Lizars practice of Optometry and delivery of eye care I consider very comprehensive and thorough and one I enjoy contributing to and being a part of.

As a team, Black and Lizars strive to engage and be a part of the community through the delivery of good eyecare. Eye health is extremely important, providing and maintaining a vital sense that is very easy to take for granted. Many associate an eye test with glasses, however an eye test can reveal a lot about an individual’s eye and general health that can easily go unnoticed. Glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke are all some examples of conditions that can simply be detected from looking into the eye. Eye health technology has advanced and is continuing to do so at a fast rate. Black and Lizars continue to keep up to date with the latest technology and services to provide an extremely thorough eye examination. There is no age restriction for an eye test. Good vision and eye health is very important for normal development and its maintenance.

Black and Lizars welcome all to a free eye test and to optional private enhanced tests. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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