Summer Style at Black & Lizars

It’s crazy to think we are in the month of July already and enjoying the fabulous, blissful sunshine and lovely hot weather. With this in mind, it’s the perfect time to consider a new pair of sunglasses in which recently, I caught up with the folks at Black & Lizars to check out their amazing range and pick out something really sharp.

Founded in 1830 by John Lizars in Glasgow’s now bustling and vibrant merchant city, Black & Lizars has grown to become one of Scotland’s biggest and most successful independent optometrists. Each store features a wealth of lenses and sunglasses to really cater for everyones tastes. For me when looking for a new pair of glasses or sunglasses, it was the natural place to go.

Now in the past, my choice has always been a classic, round frame by the likes of Persol or a much thicker, bold frame from a brand such as Tom Ford, so when I visited the Black & Lizars branch on Gordon Street, Glasgow, I had in mind that I wanted to go for something a little different. On arrival I met up with Jennifer who gave me a fantastic overview of all the different sunglasses available. The vast range covered everything from high fashion and the pinnacle of design, to hard wearing sports oriented frames for skiing, golf and water sports. Jennifer really was extremely knowledgeable on all the brands within the store and what they had to offer.

After a fair bit of time walking around, we had narrowed it down to three pairs, in which if I’m honest I liked them all. With some further debating and an hour or so later I settled on a lovely pair of Ray Ban’s featuring classic oval shaped lenses with a thinner, gold and black frame. Now at this point the sunglasses I have bought in the past where usually boxed and bagged up and off I went, however this is where Black & Lizars is different. Jennifer ensured before I left that the legs of the sunglasses were adjusted and fitted correctly for sitting comfortably and perfectly on my head. I loved this attention to detail, something personally I haven’t had before in other stores. For me this personal touch is what makes a visit to a store such as Black & Lizars memorable and will bring customers back for many years to come. On leaving the store I had my sunglasses on straight away in which they have already made their morning driving journey debut, passing with flying colours against that treacherous morning glare.

Black & Lizars has around 23 stores dotted throughout Scotland so I’m sure there is one not too far away from you. If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses to tackle the current summer sun, your favourite sporting activity or even reading glasses, I would thoroughly suggest popping into your nearest branch and letting some of the wonderfully skilled and knowledge staff help you pick out a striking pair of frames this season.

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