Scottish cricket player has an eye on the ball thanks to Black & Lizars

As in all competitive sports, athletes go to extreme lengths to achieve marginal gains. That might be doing conditioning work in the gym or working with sports psychologists, but many overlook simple steps like looking after their vision.

Black & Lizars has partnered with Cricket Scotland to supply specialist sports frames to the professional team as well as providing clinical support.

The first team member through our doors was player George Munsey. He recently visited the Black & Lizars’ Frederick Street practice for an enhanced eye exam.

He said: “As a professional sportsman it is imperative that we keep all aspect of our health in top working order. Eye care is something that I’d previously overlooked, but I couldn’t achieve what I wanted or complete my job to the fullest without my vision.

“In cricket it’s especially important to have healthy eyes. Depth perception is a vital skill and is necessary to hit, catch or – more commonly – avoid taking hits from the angry fast bowlers.

“The staff in the Frederick Street practice were fantastic. They took me through a full, extensive, enhanced eye test, using all the latest technology and equipment. The optometrist, Rod, was amazing and explained absolutely everything they were doing to help me understand the process and more importantly how the eye itself works in fine detail.

“The results of my exam came back healthy with some absolutely astonishing images of my eyes and more importantly loads of data for future tests.

“From the start to the finish, the whole experience was second to none. I couldn’t have felt in better hands and look forward to making more regular visits. Thank you, Black & Lizars.”

To find out more about enhanced eye exams or to book an appointment at your nearest Black & Lizars practice.

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