Managing Visual Stress

Our Optometrist Emma Brodie gives us an insight into Meares-Irlen syndrome and how we can help manage visual stress.


Meares-Irlen syndrome is a form of visual stress which creates difficulty reading and is present in 40% of poor readers. The symptoms create a barrier to successful and comfortable reading. Treatment involves using coloured overlays and lenses to reduce the effects of visual stress. 

At Black & Lizars Optometrists, we use the latest technology produced by Cerium, the Cerium Curve, to assess and relieve visual stress. The final optimal chosen colour can be prescribed into Cerium Precision Tinted Lenses, which may reduce or eradicate symptoms of Visual Stress. 

Initially, a full eye examination is conducted by one of our Optometrists, this is important to rule out any other ocular problems. The eye examination is followed by an Overlay Assessment. Once a colour has been selected, a trial period of a few weeks then follows, so that any benefit can be noted. Following successful use of a coloured overlay, a colourimetry assessment is then completed under direction of an Optometrist, and a specific coloured tint may be prescribed as required. This colour is specific to each individual and is more precise than an overlay. The Colourimeter presents a wide range of colours of varying hue, saturation and brightness to discover the precise colour which enables visual comfort. 


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