Check your eyesight this Road Safety Week

Opinion given by Graeme Sherlock, Optometrist and Clinical Service Manager at Black & Lizars..

According to BRAKE, road accidents involving a driver with poor vision are estimated to cause 2,900 casualties and cost UK motorists £33 million per year but despite this, a quarter of adults haven’t had their eyes tested in over two years.

This week is Road Safety Week, so why not take the opportunity to check your eyes are ready to hit the road.

Graeme Sherlock, Optometrist and Clinical Services Manager at Black & Lizars explains why it is so important to get your eyes tested:

“Adults, whether they drive or not or wear glasses or not, should have their eyes tested at least once every two years. In some cases – if a person has diabetes for example – an optician might recommend more frequent testing.

“It may sound obvious to some, but having clear vision is essential to driving safely. Poor vision can adversely affect a driver’s depth perception and any blurriness, blind spots or poor distance vision can mean hazards sometimes aren’t seen until it’s too late to react.

“While a pilot scheme for roadside eye testing kicks off in parts of England, elsewhere, the system relies on drivers informing the DVLA directly of any conditions that could affect their ability to drive. The difficulty with this is that many conditions are gradual in nature or even display no symptoms, so drivers may be unaware of the risks they are putting themselves and others at by getting behind the wheel.

“The deterioration of peripheral vision tends to be more problematic for drivers to detect, although it’s essential for driving safely. Spotting pedestrians stepping into the road or cars merging lanes relies on your peripheral vision.

“Even if you’ve never worn glasses and haven’t noticed any symptoms, it’s important that you still undergo regular eye tests. Free on the NHS in Scotland, eye tests not only detect visual issues, but can reveal other hidden issues like tumours, cancers and strokes.”

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