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Sports Eyewear

The popularity of sports specific sunglasses has increased steadily in recent years.

We stock a range of performance sunglasses designed for active lifestyles and sports. These include performance oriented fitting, with close to face, wrap-around styling. Frames are made from lightweight, strong materials and are designed with sport in mind. Lenses are of toughened polycarbonate (the same as used in industrial safety glasses) to provide adequate protection from breakages. They may include polarised lenses which will cut out glare, enhance colours and provide better contrast and clarity.

Many performance sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses to provide the wearer with the right balance of contrast and clarity.

Whatever your choice of sport, we have sunglasses to suit.

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Web ImgWe have recently introduced our very own range of sports eyewear. Available with prescription from just £24.

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"The staff at Black & Lizars spent significant time in understanding our specific criteria before researching and sourcing a choice of solutions for us to trial.  We were very impressed when the end product was able to meet all our needs and looked great too!"

Peter Stark, Stark Motorsport

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After helping him find a solution to meet the demanding requirements of motor racing, we are pleased to be sponsoring Peter Stark of Stark Motorsport for this year's karting season.
Peter had struggled to find a suitable frame and lens combination to fit around his regulation racing helmet.
Peter came to our practice in Union Street, Aberdeen for advice on suitable eye wear for racing. He needed a solution with a combination of strength, comfort and - of course - clear vision.
Peter wears an Oakley Wingspan Ducati Rx frame in polished black and red, fitted with Nikon Lite 3 Seecoat Plus lenses.