Nikon Lenswear

Nikon Lenses

Black & Lizars are proud to use Nikon lenses to give you the highest optical quality and make the most of your vision.

Whilst it may appear that all lenses are the same, Nikon offers you the highest optical quality, combined with lens coatings that optimise your vision.  Their ultra-low profile design improves the appearance of your glasses and allows for lighter, thinner and flatter lenses than ever before.


Varifocals provide you with clear vision at all distances without having to remove your spectacles. Nikon varifocals have evolved to provide you with brilliant vision without compromise, wherever you look.  By using sophisticated freeform technology the lenses can be tailored to your individual needs.

Lens Coatings

When choosing lenses, you will be offered an MAR coating (multi anti-reflection) coating.  These coatings offer anti-scratch, water, dust and reflection properties, as well as making the lenses easier to clean.  They also improve the cosmetic appearance of your lenses.  All of our lenses are hardcoated as standard to keep your lenses in the best possible condition.  See below for more information on our lenses.


The health of your eyes needs to be maintained throughout your life.  UV light from the sun is particularly damaging but can be prevented by using the right lenses for your lifestyle.  Transitions® lenses are fast acting photochromic lenses which give you automatic protection from glare and block UV.  They continuously adapt to changing light - indoors they are perfectly clear, but outside they rapidly darken and can become as dark as sunglasses in just 30 seconds.  Ask about Nikon lenses available with Transitions®.

See Coat _Eyes _Banner _Thin

Our Nikon lenses allow a wide range of options that will deliver superior optical performance, better aesthetics and comfort; all within a single lens.


SEE Master

Clear vision that is twice as wide
BEST FOR: Varifocal wearers commanding the least possible visual stress

Premium Custom Made Progressive Lens
BEST FOR: Wearers seeking the best optical performance, customised to their visual needs

Premium Design Progressive Lens
BEST FOR: Current progressive wearers seeking maximised visual comfort

A Wider Intermediate Progressive Lens
BEST FOR: Progressive lens wearers who use digital devices

See SeriesPresio BalancePRESIO BALANCE
Digital Progressive Lens
BEST FOR: First time progressive lens wearers

Premium Nikon Coating
BEST FOR: Everyone

Premium Blue Light Control Coating
BEST FOR: Computer and digital device users


Choosing Your Lenses

We use the Nikon Imagine-i app to help our patients select the best lens for their specific requirements.

"The app is quite remarkable. It illustrates to patients that a lens is not just a lens and lets them see the huge variety of differences in design and coatings, allowing them to make a really informed decision."

Stewart Saunders, Practice Manager, Giffnock