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Looking After Your Glasses

We are aware that purchasing new glasses is a financial investment and we want to help you to get the most from your new eyewear and prolong their lifespan.

Cleaning your glasses

Your glasses should be cleaned regularly. For this, we recommend that you use a special micro-fibre cloth and glasses cleaning spray. We supply a good quality cloth and case with all glasses purchased. In addition to this there are ranges of cleaning products on offer in your local practice.

If your glasses get very dirty, you can rinse them thoroughly in cold water to remove any dust or grit that could scratch the lenses. Never use hot water, anti-bacterial or washing-up liquid as it can damage lens coatings and frames. Anything designed to "remove grime" will break down your lens coating over time.

If in doubt, please visit your local practice where we will happily check the fitting of your glasses and give them a service for you!

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