Enhanced Eye Exam

Enhanced Eye Exam

We now offer a new enhanced eye examination which includes extra benefits in addition to the comprehensive NHS eye test that you would normally receive.

What's included?

The Enhanced Eye Examination is the most advanced and detailed eye examination available at Black & Lizars.  We have invested in 3D OCT and Optomap technologies as we believe they bring our patients the most accurate examination.

  • comparison33D OCT gives us the ability to look beyond the retinal surface into the sub retinal layers and presents us with diagnostic opportunities not seen before.
  • Optomap technology takes a 'wide screen' image of the retina, allowing the optometrist to image more of the retina than ever before. Both tests provide the optometrists with the ability to detect many eye diseases much earlier, such as AMD, glaucoma, diabetes and more. Using the most advanced retinal imaging technology and highest levels of patient care, we are now able to capture high resolution images and obtain clear and detailed views of the retina.

In addition to this technology, the advanced examination includes a longer appointment time, meaning the optometrist can fully explain any findings from these scans and images. Combining these technologies and increasing your appointment duration ensures that you will have detailed information on your eye health and the opportunity to ask any questions.

An Enhanced Eye Examination includes the following:

  • 3D OCT
  • Daytona Optomap
  • External Eye Examination
  • Digital Fundus Photograph
  • Calculating patients  prescription (Refraction)
  • Suprathreshold Fields (basic peripheral vision check)
  • Intra-ocular pressures (glaucoma check)
  • Full threshold fields test (if necessary)
  • Longer chair time - with access to our experienced optometrists for 45min appointment
  • Recommendations
  • Referral to patient's GP or Private Consultant (if necessary)

What does it cost?

This service is available for an additional cost of £50.

If you would like to discuss this or find out more, please contact your local practice who will be happy to explain about the enhanced eye examination in further detail.

Where is this service available?

You can book an Enhanced Eye Exam at the following practice:-

Book an appointment at your local practice now.