Dry Eye

Dry Eye Clinic

Specialist Dry Eye Clinics now available at Black & Lizars

Why are we holding a Dry Eye Clinic?

Many people suffer with Dry Eye symptoms which can vary from mild irritation to constant discomfort.  Dry Eye symptoms can also show as overly watery eyes! 

These symptoms can affect your life, including work and social interactions and at its most extreme Dry Eye can cause lasting damage to the eye's surface.  Our Dry Eye Clinic aims to find you the right individual treatment to improve uncomfortable symptoms.

NHS Eye Test and Dry Eye Clinic

During an NHS Eye Examination we often discuss dry eye symptoms.  We also assess the eyes surface for signs and give advice on how to deal with these symptoms.  Assessing the tear quality and quantity in detail is beyond the scope of a standard NHS Eye Test.  We use special diagnostic techniques to measure the tear layer in detail.  We also photograph different aspects of the surface of your eyes.  The Dry Eye Clinic will provide a much more detailed assessment than is possible in a NHS Eye Test.

What's involved in the Dry Eye Clinic?

The Clinic will consist of 2 separate appointment types:

Initial Appointment

This initial appointment is to listen to your symptoms and assess the eye in detail. During this appointment you will see both a Dry Eye Assistant and an Optometrist.

  • The assistant will detail your symptoms prior to the examination and will be available to show you how to use dry eye products following the appointment.
  • The optometrist will measure your tear quality and quantity, and photograph any changes to be monitored.
  • You should allow an hour for this appointment.
  • Initial appointment - £40

Review Appointment

A shorter review appointment may be suggested in the weeks following your first assessment. This is to check that any suggested treatment is working, and that symptoms are improving.

  • Review appointment - £20

Where is the Dry Eye Clinic being held?

The dry eye clinic will be held in Glasgow at the following 3 practices:

Please speak to your optometrist if you are experiencing issues with dry eyes.