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Nocturnal lenses

Discover natural vision with Ortho-K

Nocturnal contact lenses are worn only at night when sleeping and provide clear vision during the day without glasses or contact lenses. Nocturnal lenses are great for people with - 4.50D or less of short-sight. It is especially suitable for children and can be fitted as soon as they are considered mature enough for contact lenses. It is also suitable for adults and can be fitted as vision correction well into retirement age. Kids tend to have very active lifestyles with school, playing and sports and benefit from the natural vision Nocturnal contact lenses provide.


Why Choose Nocturnal lenses?

Considering Laser Eye Surgery?

Nocturnal offers the same vision correction with freedom from specs and conventional contact lenses. But unlike surgery it can be reversed and your eyes will return to normal.

Is it an option for my children?

Children as young as 5 are wearing Nocturnal and enjoying a childhood free from specs. Parents have total peace ofmind - supervising the lens handling and sending them off to school knowing their vision is corrected all day long.

Further info on contact lenses for children.

Tired or dry eyes with contact lenses?

Not only does Nocturnal provide visual freedom but comfort as well. With no contact lenses during the day your eye scan breathe and wet naturally. This improves comfort and even allergies.

Starting to need reading glasses?

Nocturnal can work well with monovision enabling you to see far and close, so less need for reading glasses.

Being fitted with Nocturnal contact lenses is very similar to conventional lenses. Your optometrist uses a corneal topographer to take a scan of the eye which is then used to individually design your contact lenses. Over a few appointments, your optometrist will complete the fitting process, including showing you how to look after your lenses. After your first night your vision will already be partly corrected. Over the next few days it will keep getting better and better. After the first week your vision will be fully corrected and stable all day long. You will visit your optometrist three or four times to be fitted with Nocturnal and then every 6 months for check-ups. You will receive new lenses every year.

Nocturnal lenses are available from our Gordon St, Glasgow and Frederick St, Edinburgh practices.