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Contact Lenses

See the difference contact lenses can make to your life at Black & Lizars.

Contact lens technology is constantly changing offering more and more people an alternative to glasses, regardless of your prescription.  Whether it's for all day use or for in the gym, we can find a lens to suit your needs.

Benefits of Contact Lenses

  • bikesContact lenses can provide many benefits over wearing glasses, and are a highly successful form of vision correction.
  • They improve your field of view, giving natural all round vision.
  • They are simple to use and convenient, expanding your lifestyle choices.
  • They can be particularly useful for sports and outdoor activities.
  • Contact lenses can be worn all day, part-time or just for special occasions.
  • They can correct almost all eye sight problems and are suitable for people of all ages, including children, and those who require a different lens power for distance and reading.
  • Contact lenses are quick to adapt to and the latest materials provide fantastic comfort and are healthier than ever for your eyes.
  • They can enhance your appearance and allow you to be glasses-free.

Contact lenses have never been so comfortable or healthy for your eyes.  As an added benefit, some lenses can protect your eyes from harmful UV light.

Everybody has a different lifestyle and your contact lenses should enhance it.  Monthly, two-weekly or daily contact lenses are available to provide the perfect solution for you.  We also fit lenses you can sleep in and more specialised lenses to treat particular eye conditions.

Fitting & Aftercare

We offer free contact lens consultations to discuss what would suit you best.

Before fitting contact lenses, your optometrist will examine your eyes, in particular the cornea (the front surface of the eye), eyelids and eyelashes, and tear film. Your optometrist will discuss your lifestyle and specific visual needs before explaining which contact lenses are available to you and the merits of each. Once the lenses are fitted, we will teach you how to wear and care for your lenses and what steps to take to avoid any problems.

At an aftercare appointment our optometrists will make any necessary modifications or changes to your lenses to make sure you've got the best possible vision and comfort. We will thoroughly examine your eyes to ensure optimum eye health.

For more information on contact lenses, book an appointment at your local practice.

See full Terms and Conditions for free contact lens trial.



'I had found myself straining my eyes while using my laptop in work, struggling to see the screen properly. I decided to book an appointment at Black & Lizars, as my friend had recommended them.

From the moment I booked my appointment at Gordon Street the service was exemplary. I was booked in quickly, at a time and day that suited me, and when I arrived for my appointment they had all my previous optician's notes to hand; I felt they really knew about my eyes. The optometrist was very pleasant and answered all my questions and even gave me the confidence to try daily disposable contact lenses.

After my eye test I was helped to choose my new glasses, which were ready in a few days' time to coincide with my contact lens fitting. My whole experience was very satisfying and the difference between Black & Lizars and other opticians is clear... quality, person-centred eye care!'

Moira W, Glasgow