Contact Lens Terms and Conditions

  • The 'Free Contact Lens Trial' is not available for all lenses. Made to order lenses, including RGPs and specialist soft lens designs are not included.
  • Patients are entitled to one free trial a year only
  • The 'Free Contact Lens Trial' includes all appointments involved in the initial assessment and the lenses required for this period of time. The initial assessment will take between 5 days and 1 month, depending on lens type and appointment availability.
  • Following the initial assessment lenses must be worn for a suitable period of time to ensure that eye health is maintained. This period of time will be 3 months, although this may vary with lens type and design.
  • Contact lens prescriptions can only be issued following this 3 month period.
  • Contact Lenses for wear during this 3 month period are not included within the 'Free Contact Lens Trial'.