Corporate eye care

Corporate Eyecare

An Eye for Business

Don't trust just anyone with your employees eyes.  At Black & Lizars we address the need to keep things simple for the employer without sacrificing the employees' needs.  That is why we have one voucher to fit all your corporate needs.

corporate voucherCorporate Vouchers

The Corporate Vouchers cost just £50 each and can be used for conventional glasses or safety glasses.  Employers are legally obliged under the Health & Safety regulations to provide eye care for VDU users, clerical staff, drivers and protective eyewear for industrial workers.

The Corporate Vouchers can be used as follows:

  • To provide industrial employees with professionally fitted, top quality safety eyewear tailored to their individual requirements; or,
  • To buy conventional glasses from our full range of frames (i.e. unlike many of our competitors, we do not restrict your employees to a limited, low value range). Furthermore, we will match your contribution, meaning that the employee will receive £100 towards the total cost of their complete glasses.

Additional Benefits

All of your employees will receive a complimentary £25 voucher to use towards any private purchase of glasses or sunglasses, meaning that everyone in your organisation can benefit from this great scheme.  (This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with the Corporate or Upgrade Vouchers).

With Black & Lizars Corporate Vouchers, you can add a fantastic salary benefit for the employee at a fraction of the cost to the company.


For more information, contact our Corporate Eyecare department.